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I know, I know I said I moved my blog, which is very true. I moved it to a blog that I take more time on, and really work at it. BUT I am not always made of money to blog for that nicer blog, so I run back to my favorite habits of Freebie hunting.


I discovered 7 deadly sins skins group is going to be free until JUNE. So I joined and am planning on staying in it (hopefully I can find some Catwa appliers soon in this store, or there is no sense in staying in it for me) anywho I digress.

They are also giving out a 400L Giftcard for the shop during this month. So I highly suggest jumping down here to snag that and slap as many of the MM boards as you can.


Location: 7 Deadly S{k}ins Main store Landmark 

FREE group until June 2016: Click HERE to join

holy mother_001holy mother2_001

Hey Everyone,


Thank you for continuing to be loyal followers for all the freebie goodness. I have decided to move to a new blog which will still contain Group Gifts and Freebies but also contain steals and deals on clothing and accessories.


You can find this new Blog HERE


hope to see you there!


~ RED 😀

Ladies & Gents and Tiny Tots As well. I am here to bring you the most adorable gift thus far today. . .


They are these adorable Glass Jars full of Star Dust. Inside the one it reads “Never Stop Dreaming.”

They are precious!

To get to Vespertine click the LandMark HERE

There group is FREE to join to do so click the link HERE. 

I hope you enjoy these in your home, your bedroom or out in your garden.

Til next time,

~RedWrath Twinkle Bytes~

Words Can not Describe how awesome (red) Mint is! Every month they put out an amazing Mesh Hair as a group gift and the best part about it is there group is FREE to join! :O

(See Photo below)


Specs on the hair are

Hair: No. 31’15

Exclusive Color Purple

Fitted Mesh, One Size

HUD Control is LOCKED

Copy only

Here is how you get this beaut! Here is your Ride to (red) Mint In-World Store

Group is FREE to join: (red) Mint In-World Group Joiner

See you all in a few,


Hey Hey all I have missed you soo much. I do apologize for my lack of blogging here, I have been busy with blogging for a company in SL. If you haven’t checked out that blog yet please do. There in-world shop has Lucky Boards & Group Gifts!! 😀 Here is the link: RW Blogs

On with the goodies!

The shop which is stylishly decorated is MoDanna In-World Store

The group is FREE to join to Join the MoDanna Group click Here.

This Group Gift is Black Skinny Jeans with an X-ray print on them. I ❤ anything with bones and am thrilled to have found this so soon so I can get more Daily Halloween Wears together!

MoDanna GG1_001

Head on down and check this shop out they also have Gachas for those of you who are totally addicted to them!

See you all soon.

~RedWrathBytes~ ❤ ❤ ❤

Do you like Anime? Are you totally into anything that is so Kawaii it makes your heart burst glitter? Want to get a Harajuku look together for an event or Hunt? Well look no further then CHEVEUX’S Hair Group Gift!!

To get to this rainy shop click the link here—> CHEVEUX In-World Landmark

To join the group to get this amazing hair it is FREE. I know when I saw the hair I thought for sure the group join wasn’t going to be free but it was!!

To join ahead of time click here —>CHEVEUX Group Joiner

(see below: a photo of this amazing Group Gift)


( I secretly wish I would of had this hair for my Poet’s Heart Photo shoot. XD)

So if this hair style is right up your alley then come on down and claim it before it’s gone.

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ cause she’s on a roll tonight.

*Thank you to the Ladies I follow on Tumblr for this info*

-Stands on a wooden carton clears my throat and begins shouting- “Calling all Ladies Near and far, Role Players, Fantasy Lovers and More! Step right up and come and grab your outfit today!”

I introduce you to the store called Poet’s Heart they sell Fantasy and Roleplay Clothing and more.

To get here click your merchants wagon here —> Poet’s Heart In-World Landmark

The group is FREE to join, I honestly was shocked when I found that out. To join before hand click here to sign your name on the scroll —>Poet’s Heart Group Joiner

(see below: The Group Gift called Lead Lady. I think it is absolutely Beautiful.)

Poets Heart GG1_001

(see below: Me! I ran right home after I picked this up and I put together my look for this gorgeous gown.)

Poets Heart GG5_001

You can find more photos of this look and more looks that I put together on the Flickr group I have created for this Blog which is here —>RedWrath Bytes Flickr Group for Blog

Remember if you create looks from accessories or outfits that you find off this blog, please join my blog Flickr group and upload your photos so we can all see the look that you have come up with! 😀

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ omg I almost lost this posting :O

Hey Hey Ladies I bring you a little shop called Sacred Dreams. They have a group gift currently of a pair of heels that is not for slink feet. :O right? It seems like everywhere I go lately regular shoes are becoming more and more non-existent. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Slink feet and totally wish I had a pair ( i’m secretly debating on Mid or High, I’m not sure which has more shoes out for it. lol) but for now I have regular avatar feet and I still need shoes to make these ugly things look good.


To get to this shop take your hover board to the right—> Sacred Dreams In-World Landmark

To join the group it is FREE! -“yay’s”- To do so click here—> Sacred Dreams Group Joiner

If you wish to follow the stores own Word Press Blog you can do so by clicking here—> Sacred Dreams Word Press

(see below: a photo of the Group Gift & Midnight Mania Board)

sacred dreams gg_001 sacred dreams mmb_001

I hope you all take a second to come slap this board and pick up this great gift.

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ has missed blogging.

Hey Hey All! -Waves-

So I stumbled a crossed this shop called PANIK a month ago and I figured it was time to share such a place with you all.

To get here click your flying carpet to the right —> PANIK In-World Shop Landmark

The group is FREE to join and they’re Group Gift stays the same the whole month. To join PANIK’s In-World Group click here —> PANIK Group Joiner

Hopefully you all will give this small shop a look you can see this months Group Gift in the photo below.

Panik Group Gift_001

This Months Group Gift is a Moon Head Chain which I have yet to make an outfit for but I can not wait to put this beautiful head piece on one of my outfits to come. 🙂 If you make an outfit based around this Head Chain send it to me via SL or tag me on your Flickr or add me on Facebook my name is RedWrath Karu. 🙂

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ today is a good day.

Kaithleen’s has sexy, stylish and unique 100% Mesh Clothing for Women.

In-World Store Location is here —> Kaithleen’s In-World Store Landmark

To join there Group it is Free! You can join it by clicking the link here —> Kaithleen’s In-World Group Joiner

They only have ONE Lucky Chair but there clothing is high quality. I won the cutest Romper from here this morning, I can’t wait to make an outfit with it! I will update this posting with a photo of the outfit once I do.

Here is a photo of the Lucky Chair (see below)



(see below) Here is a photo of this Months Group Gift

Kathleens group gift_001

Till next time,