50L & Less Sale @ Dust Bunny

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I know I don’t blog here anymore but I have to tell everyone who still follows this blog about this amazing sale!

I want to take some time to thank those of you who have been loyal followers. I have noticed more and more followers within the few days to this particular blog of mine. I wanted to let those of you know who may already not know that I no longer blog through this site, like I have in the past. If you’re interested in the Freebies life as well as Steals and Deals, please follow me over on my new blog called Maitreya & Me.  

I have about 70 and growing followers on this blog that I no longer use, I have about 16 followers on Maitreya & Me that I use on a regular basis. I would really love to see more of my followers carry over to my new blog.


Thank you for your time,


RWK ~ Signing out


Garden Gal

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RedWrathBytes my former freebies blog is CLOSED. If you are interested in keeping up with my latest blogging and freebies please follow me at Maitreya & Me. You can do so by clicking the name linked with this posting.


Ladies, for those of you who may not know, or are just starting to get into the mesh body world. REIGN an amazing shoe store has been kind enough to wave her group joiner fee, from August 2nd until August 7th. Normally her group is L$250 to join, but until the 7th it will be FREE! That’s right, I said Free. She is giving out the wedges you can see me sporting in the photos below, she also gives out other group gifts on occasion and I highly recommend joining while you can.

As always you can find my Body information in the‘About’ Section of my blog.


  • Blueberry – Mia Jeans in color Ocean
  • Shoenique – Cardigan (June Group Gift, Sizes are standard Mesh as well as Maitreya, Belleza, Slink)
  • REIGN – Hermosa V2 Wedges (Group Gift located outside the main store, these work with the following…

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赤松 Tea Lady

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For all of those who have adored my RedWrathBytes Freebies blog, please join me over on Maitreya&Me. It is mostly a freebies blog and steals and deals. Including Hunts, Sales, and Events. ❤ Thank you for your continued support in the things I love most. Freebies that look amazing. ❤ Red


The Title of this blog post is Akamatsu Tea Lady. Akamatsu translates to Red Pine. So essentially our little Tea house is called Red Pine. ^_^ It feels like the air is lighter walking through these Japanese Festivals and Fairs that are happening left and right throughout the month of July. Everything is so colorful, and beautiful and everyone looks amazing in their Kimonos and Getas. I am finally bringing you all my two newest kimonos that I have added to my drawers for life. If you have a favorite kimono in your closet please feel free to share the photo with me down below in the comments section, or on my Flickr comments section. 🙂

As always you can find my Body information in the‘About’ Section of my blog.

Clothing (Kimono #1):

  • Kokorotayori- Toratsugumi Kimono (Sorta fit mesh but not all the way really, I just adored the little…

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Stroll Up

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My Overfilled Closet

Stroll Up 3 Seems Someone Had A Rough Night?! Hahaha 😀 

This month has been exciting for those interested in collecting amazing Asian inspired items. I took the dive and switched up my entire look which is pretty exciting :D. Lately I can be seen moving about SL with my slink physique and catwa aisha head. My sister tends to constantly stay hip to things that are of the finest detail and lately she’s been on point…like ON POINT.

We took a trip to Project Se7en event specifically with the intent to demo this gorgeous Skinnery Soojin skin. To be clear if youre like myself and prefer a bit of color to your complection, this skin does run rather fair. I snagged it in the Mocca tone which is the darkest complexion for Soojin.

Stroll Up 2 Beautiful booty ruffles lol I love this dress 

Kendrasy Creations has also released a fun and flirty dress called…

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Pizza is Bae

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Hey folks, thank you all so much for following my newest blog adventure. Thank you for the likes to my posts and my flickr photos, it really means a lot.

It’s about 2am here and all I can think about is Pizza. ^_^


Normally I would say you can find the rest of my Body info in my ‘About’ section, but that is not the case this time around. Make sure to check out below for all the info!

Body & Add On’s:

  • Kemono Mesh Body v.1.13.2 by <Utilizator> (On Marketplace, link included)
  • Rei’s Stuff, Rei’s Chest for Kemono (On Marketplace, link included)
  • Venus Anime Head -Ears on Pointy Mode-  by <Utilizator> (On Marketplace, link included)

Pizza Junky4b_001Clothing: 

  • glutz Hussy Halter v1.1 – works with Rei’s Chest (On Marketplace, link included, can be found inMain Store as well.)

You’re going to want to hurry to…

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I know, I know I said I moved my blog, which is very true. I moved it to a blog that I take more time on, and really work at it. BUT I am not always made of money to blog for that nicer blog, so I run back to my favorite habits of Freebie hunting.


I discovered 7 deadly sins skins group is going to be free until JUNE. So I joined and am planning on staying in it (hopefully I can find some Catwa appliers soon in this store, or there is no sense in staying in it for me) anywho I digress.

They are also giving out a 400L Giftcard for the shop during this month. So I highly suggest jumping down here to snag that and slap as many of the MM boards as you can.


Location: 7 Deadly S{k}ins Main store Landmark 

FREE group until June 2016: Click HERE to join

holy mother_001holy mother2_001

Everyone go grab this Tank Top, you wont regret it. I ran right out after reading this post and scooped mine up ASAP

My Overfilled Closet

Weekend Freebies

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all that celebrate the holiday! In honor of the Memorial Day Neve/Cold Logic released a patriotic tank top perfect for any festivities or just lazing about. The group is free to join and seeing as this top comes available for so many mesh body options you wouldn’t want to miss out.

Also if you’re looking to bargain splurge be sure to check out Fifty Linden Friday this round. Reign has up these adorable platform sandals fatpack color hud included. Also! Slack girl has out an exclusive limited quantity eye shadow pallet fitting for all the divas. This winged liner is so dramatic and works really well with my skin and mesh head overall which is a big bonus for me seeing as sometimes eye shadows will distort on my lids whenever my eyes are closed. Slackgirl store offers makeup and accessories for other mesh heads this eye shadow hud…

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Lucky Boards only for TONIGHT! Come Quick while there is still time.


She has sexy heels for most Mesh Bodies, ranging in all 3 sizes (flat,med, high)

She will be taking them down today before Midnight Madness begins. . :O


Location: EMPIRE Shoes Landmark

Group: FREE to join, click HERE to do so before you enter the store!


Hey Everyone,


Thank you for continuing to be loyal followers for all the freebie goodness. I have decided to move to a new blog which will still contain Group Gifts and Freebies but also contain steals and deals on clothing and accessories.


You can find this new Blog HERE


hope to see you there!


~ RED 😀