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I am here to bring you news of this cute shop called D!va! They have some adorable hair and I want to share it with you!

To get to D!VA click HERE! 

Joining the D!VA Group is FREE to do so click HERE.

Keep up to date with this store by checking out the official D!va Blog here.

Check out the Lucky Boards and Group Gifts below 😀


diva groupgifts_001

Also crawl through the tiny door for another group gift. 😀

surprise diva_001

I hope you enjoy all these beautiful hairs as much as my family and I do.

Til next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ I ❤ Lucky Boards and such.

By a show of hands ladies how many of you are addicted to Hair? That’s what I thought!

I have found an amazing place called LaNoir Soleil, they have a ton of Lucky Chairs featuring Rigged Mesh hairs most with Color Changing HUDS as well as a few Free Gifts about the store. 🙂

To get to this amazing shop click the link HERE. 

Check in with the new hairs by visiting there Flickr. 

Check out all the Lucky Chairs full of hair!!

LNS luckychairs_001

Here are the Group Gifts around the store: The small box by the Tetris wall is of an 8-Bit Hair Bow with a HUD, the Male & Female Gifts are Pose HUDS.



So hurry on over to LNS and scoop up some amazing mesh hair today!

Halloween is almost here, if you are still struggling to find that perfect costume check out my other blog at RW BLOGS.

~RedWrathBytes~ in a few more nights 😉

I found this shop through FabFree but I just had to blog about all the Group Gifts available.

I have so many new shops to share with you all it’s not funny, I just have to find the time to do so! XD

To get to Eaters Coma click HERE

To join the group it is FREE to do so click HERE 

See below the Group Gifts.


I fell in love with that Side Braid ❤ I can not wait to try it on!

Enjoy this store and the more to come.

Till then say scary,


Okay Ladies and Gents are you still in search of accessories for your Halloween Costume, have no more worries just head on down to VIPS Creation and pick up there Group Gifts and stay awhile to shop around and even play the Lucky Boards. ❤

The Store is VIPS Corner Creation In-World Store

To join the Group it is Free, click HERE for the joiner.  In order to play the Lucky Boards you have to be in the group. 🙂

See the photos below of the Lucky Boards and Group Gifts.

vips lb_001 vipsgg_001

I have added a new page to this Blog site, If you didn’t already see it. I am blogging for this store, to check out my blog posts click the link HERE. I blog a ton of Halloween Costumes ❤

I hope to see you here soon.

~RedWrathBytes~ Just can’t get enough of Halloween ❤

Omg Ladies so I stumbled a crossed this place thankfully from a Tumblr that I follow called SLFreebieFreaks The stuff she posts is truly adorable, she makes some amazing Kawaii outfits!

This amazing Kawaii Join is {Peachy} 

The Group is FREE to Join to join click here.

For Lag Free shopping check out there Marketplace.

Looking for some super cute dresses or accessories to get ready for the last week of Candy Fair? Look no further then this shop. Today I put together the cutest outfit which I will totally be sharing with you!

(See below the Group Gifts)

PeachyGG1_001 PeachyGG2_001

(See Below the Free Tank top)


(See below: The 20 Minute Camper Chair, 2 Lucky Boards, and a Midnight Mania Board)


(My outfit I made using the Purple Group Gift from this store)

Oh So Buttery Toastable_001

Purple Dress from This store {Peachy}

Donut Headband, Ring, Toast mouthie, Toast Necklace, Toast Bracelet, Pastel Bone Tights from Buttery Toast This shop is amazing, I highly suggest you check it out. *Whispears* “They have Lucky Boards” 😀 (Group Fee is 50L)

Mesh Hair is Group Gift from Pr!tty (Group is Free to join)

Black Oni Horns FREE off Marketplace (I can not seem to find MP Link)

Purple Glasses are from {Cotton.Candy.MonsteRs}

Edible Candy Bracelet from PROVOKE! 

Dita-Umber-DB-clv SL F&O Group Gift Skin from -=>>G.C.<<=-

Nose Ring came with outfit I won off Lucky Chairs at [AdN]

Rose Hand Tattoos won of Lucky Board at TurlaccorCustom Bike Store

Baby Pink Stilettos old Group Gift or Lucky Board winning at Grumble

So come one lets get all cute and matchy and head down to Candy Fair together! ❤ 😀

~RedWrathBytes~ Feels adorable in her Kawaii outfit!

This one is mainly for the guys! Coepio has 5 Shirts/ Sweaters/ Jackets and 3 pairs of Pants/ Shorts as  Group Gifts for the guys!! Woot Woot. The one pair of Skinny Jeans is unisex!!

These cloths are amazing, high quality mesh. I love them and I hope you will too.

To get to Coepio Click here.

The group is FREE to Join, to join the group click here. 

Coepio mens gg_001

Let’s see all you guys get snazzy in these outfits and post them on my Flick Group that you can find here. 



Hey Hey all I have missed you soo much. I do apologize for my lack of blogging here, I have been busy with blogging for a company in SL. If you haven’t checked out that blog yet please do. There in-world shop has Lucky Boards & Group Gifts!! 😀 Here is the link: RW Blogs

On with the goodies!

The shop which is stylishly decorated is MoDanna In-World Store

The group is FREE to join to Join the MoDanna Group click Here.

This Group Gift is Black Skinny Jeans with an X-ray print on them. I ❤ anything with bones and am thrilled to have found this so soon so I can get more Daily Halloween Wears together!

MoDanna GG1_001

Head on down and check this shop out they also have Gachas for those of you who are totally addicted to them!

See you all soon.

~RedWrathBytes~ ❤ ❤ ❤

Hey Hey my lovely addicted I have missed you so much! *Squeezes you all into a massive huge* It’s been awhile and I apologize. So lets get down to all the new cool stuff that has been going on! Some of you have or may not have noticed that I have added a NEW Page to my blog. Called RedWrath blogs for {VIPS Creations}, I finally am blogging for a Store in SL and I would love for you all to check out that blog and let me know what you think. P.S. here is a little secret that store has Lucky Boards! :O

Anywho lets get down to what you came here for.. the goodies! 😀

Location: White Mink & Black Cotton SLurl

Group: Is sadly 50L to join… but I have learned you do not need to join the group to play the Midnight Mania Boards, or these neat little Rock Paper Scissors Game or Play the Lucky Chairs.

Check out the photos below!

(Female & Male Midnight Mania Board. This is a current Photo so come on down to slap these boards lets Lock em Down!)

White Mink Black Cotton2mm_001

(Black Cotton= Male Section. On the left hand side of the wall is a Rock-Paper-Scissors Game that you have to have a quick eye to play, and on the right hand side is the Lucky Chair)

White Mink Black Cotton3lcgame_001

(White Mink= Female Section. On the left hand side is the Lucky Chair, and on the right hand side is the Rock-Paper-Scissors Game)

White Mink Black Cotton4lcgame_001

More Posts to come so just hold onto your horses because I have so many new places to share with you all! 😀

Until next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ is moving up in the blogging world one post at a time. 😀