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Are you a proud furry fuzzbutt and looking for some awesome clothing or maybe a new furry avatar? Head on down to Furry Fashion today, like now, right this second. =^_^=

To get to Furry Fashion click the link HERE.

There is no group needed to play the Lucky Chairs, Campers or Midnight Mania Board, also on the sim is an Unlucky Board.

(45 Minute Campers, but the cool part about these are that you can change the photo to find something you want to camp for)


(Lucky Chairs)


(Lucky Fortune, good luck winning anything from this lol its so tricky) FurryFashionluckyfortunes_001

(Midnight Mania Board, Group Joiner, Facebook Link, Twitter Link and MORE)FurryFashionmmboard_001

(Lucky Triangle Pays you money after you unlock a certain tier but be careful it might not pay YOU the money, it might pay the person who unlocked another tier) FurryFashiontiergame_001




So if you are a Proud Furry and you know it Clap your Paws and head on down to Furry Fashion!

~RedWrath~ I sport two furries DSD Ocelet Hybrid, and BG Feline!

Hey there all, I was thinking of giving a nickname to everyone who follows this blog and is just in love with going lucky board finding and such as I am. Maybe I’ll call you all ..::..Addicted to Juicy Bytes..::. or something like that. Lol If you have an idea on a nickname for you all leave me a comment below. ^_^ Okay so on to what you came here for!


The Shop is called Evelock they specialize in BDSM RLVa Collars and other jewelry and furniture.  Here is your Plane Ticket to get there —> Evelock In-World Store

There is no group to join for this shop but you can click to subscribe to all news about this shop by a a sign next to the Lucky Boards.

(see below a photo of the lucky boards and free gift in the shop)

Evelock Studio Free Gift and Lucky Boards_001


Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ for the right price. XD lawl