Red Blogs for Horror Haute Event

Hey Hey all I wanted you to stay up to date on all the things Red is up too and this is most certainly my excuse for when I am not posting here as much as I should be.

I started off blogging for my first ever company within SL called VIPS Corner Creations (psst.. they have Lucky Boards and Group Gifts, check my post!) I blogged Halloween Costumes for them all October.

Now I was given the most precious opportunity in the world to blog for the Horror Haute Monthly Second Life Event! I can proudly say I have just done my first blogging week for them and things seem to be going wonderfully! I will also be blogging for the Witching Hour Monthly Second Life Event! So check out my second blog below and I hope you all enjoy! ❤

Click this link  RedWrathBlogs and it will take you to my second blog!

~RedWrathBytes~ is finally full Vampyre in SL! Woot Woot

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