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Lucky Boards only for TONIGHT! Come Quick while there is still time.


She has sexy heels for most Mesh Bodies, ranging in all 3 sizes (flat,med, high)

She will be taking them down today before Midnight Madness begins. . :O


Location: EMPIRE Shoes Landmark

Group: FREE to join, click HERE to do so before you enter the store!


It’s good to be back! I am so sorry for my lack of blogging, I’ve been busy running my Family Community. 😀 We have one Town Home Available if anyone is interested please come check us out here is the SLurl: Forest View Village Family Friendly Community.

Now on with the goodies. 😀

Are you looking for super cute Winter Wear or that perfect New Years Eve Party Dress?? Look no further then COCO Designs.

You can get to the shop by clicking —> COCO Designs In-World Store 

Group is FREE to join by clicking here. 

View the amazing group gifts below:






Interested in staying up to date on MM Boards that are slapable and places with group gifts and Lucky Chairs while you are in-world join my in-world group by clicking here —>  ..::Feeling Lucky?::..

I hope to Run around with you all in-world soon.

~RedWrathBytes~ It feels so good to blog again. 🙂

Hey Hey Ladies and Gents lets get down to it.

I stumbled a crossed this shop from Market Place and was like “Hmm I wonder if they have more Group Gifts In-World??” So I TP-ed here and sure enough they do. They don’t have much but still what they have is pretty good I think.

To get to this shop click the link to the right—> C.H.D. Design In-World Landmark

To join the Group to get the goods it is FREE! Click here to do so—> C.H.D Designs Group Joiner

If you have a Facebook Profile for your SL Avatar you can like this company’s page by clicking this link—> CHD Design’s Facebook Like Page

Interested in following the blog for this company? You can do so by following this link—> C.H.D. Design’s Blog

(see below: Male Group Gift)


(see below: Female Group Gifts)


I personally can not wait to run home and put together a look with the all female outfit!! I love it soo much!!

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ is jamming to YouTube.

Hey Hey Ladies I bring you a little shop called Sacred Dreams. They have a group gift currently of a pair of heels that is not for slink feet. :O right? It seems like everywhere I go lately regular shoes are becoming more and more non-existent. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Slink feet and totally wish I had a pair ( i’m secretly debating on Mid or High, I’m not sure which has more shoes out for it. lol) but for now I have regular avatar feet and I still need shoes to make these ugly things look good.


To get to this shop take your hover board to the right—> Sacred Dreams In-World Landmark

To join the group it is FREE! -“yay’s”- To do so click here—> Sacred Dreams Group Joiner

If you wish to follow the stores own Word Press Blog you can do so by clicking here—> Sacred Dreams Word Press

(see below: a photo of the Group Gift & Midnight Mania Board)

sacred dreams gg_001 sacred dreams mmb_001

I hope you all take a second to come slap this board and pick up this great gift.

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ has missed blogging.