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Poison makes amazing mesh clothing I love this store, I swear by there jeans and I wear them often!!

To get to the in-world shop click here —-> >>>Poison In-World Store<<<

The Group is FREE to join to join click here.

Check out the goodies below:




(Below are the Full Halloween Avatars for Women & Men for FREE, so if you are looking for something spooky well this well definitely get the job done!)



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Hey Hey Ladies and Gents lets get down to it.

I stumbled a crossed this shop from Market Place and was like “Hmm I wonder if they have more Group Gifts In-World??” So I TP-ed here and sure enough they do. They don’t have much but still what they have is pretty good I think.

To get to this shop click the link to the right—> C.H.D. Design In-World Landmark

To join the Group to get the goods it is FREE! Click here to do so—> C.H.D Designs Group Joiner

If you have a Facebook Profile for your SL Avatar you can like this company’s page by clicking this link—> CHD Design’s Facebook Like Page

Interested in following the blog for this company? You can do so by following this link—> C.H.D. Design’s Blog

(see below: Male Group Gift)


(see below: Female Group Gifts)


I personally can not wait to run home and put together a look with the all female outfit!! I love it soo much!!

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Impulse is owned by Cyn Huntress who is the President of Dragon Spawn USA MC.

The stores specialty is Sexy Clothing Leather, Lace, Jeans, and Biker Wear for both Men and Women.

Come check this store out by clicking the In-World Landmark here —> IMPULSE In-World Store Landmark

To join the In-World Group click the link here —> IMPULSE In-World Group Joiner


Impluse Lucky Chairs MM board_001

I love this store, I love this clothing I highly recommend this shop to anyone looking for high quality clothing.

P.s. This store even has a Lucky Dip 😀

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