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To all my Slave Girls or Guys I stumbled a crossed this shop tonight from a folder of LM’s my daughter gave me. XD They sell Silks and Prim Clothing… There silks are very decent I am impressed, so I snagged as many Group Gifts as I could before my arms were full.

To get to this shop like ASAP click the Slave Cushion to the right—> Willow’s Weakness In-World Store LM

The group is FREE to join to do so click here—> Willow’s Weakness Group Joiner

The Lucky Chair is downstairs and the Lucky Board, Midnight Mania Board and Group Gifts are upstairs.

(see below: the Lucky Board, & MM Board)


Willows Weakness1_001(see below: a photo of the Group Gifts)

Willows Weakness2_001 Willows Weakness3_001(see below: The Lucky Chair that is Downstairs)

Willows Weakness4_001

I hope you Slave Boys & Girls, or Pets or whatever your title is come and check this place out.

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ I support FetLife

Hey Hey Ladies I bring you a little shop called Sacred Dreams. They have a group gift currently of a pair of heels that is not for slink feet. :O right? It seems like everywhere I go lately regular shoes are becoming more and more non-existent. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Slink feet and totally wish I had a pair ( i’m secretly debating on Mid or High, I’m not sure which has more shoes out for it. lol) but for now I have regular avatar feet and I still need shoes to make these ugly things look good.


To get to this shop take your hover board to the right—> Sacred Dreams In-World Landmark

To join the group it is FREE! -“yay’s”- To do so click here—> Sacred Dreams Group Joiner

If you wish to follow the stores own Word Press Blog you can do so by clicking here—> Sacred Dreams Word Press

(see below: a photo of the Group Gift & Midnight Mania Board)

sacred dreams gg_001 sacred dreams mmb_001

I hope you all take a second to come slap this board and pick up this great gift.

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ has missed blogging.

Oh Ladies do I have a store for you it is HUGE!

This store has sexy clothing for Women to get to this amazing store take your flying carpet to the right —> ~Sassy!~ Mainstore Landmark

To join the In-World store Group it is FREE to do so click the link to your right —> ~Sassy!~ Group Joiner

(see below: The Lucky Chairs and Midnight Mania Board)

Sassy Mainstore1_001

(see below: All The group Gifts that await you!!)

Sassy groupgifts1_001

Sassy groupgifts2_001

So Ladies head on down to this HUGE Store In-World and get you some sexy goodies!

Show me the outfits you come up with by tagging me to your Flickr or add me on my SL Facebook and tag me that way!

Till next time,

~RedWrath Loves you all~