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Stumbled upon this Little beauty with the help of Tru from our Feeling Lucky In-World Group.

Had to come and slap these boards and I even won some Lingerie!

Todays outfit even includes shoes for Slink HIGH Feet!! ❤

No Group Needed to play here is your ride too Ishara’s In-World Shop!



*snickers as she leaves a bread crumb trail of lucky places behind her she poofs and is on to the next!*


Ladies & Gentlemen RedWrath is IN the building!!!!

*Lets out a long sigh before twirling around in a circle*

It is good to be back, for I have missed you all. I want to thank those of you who continue to check my blog on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. I know I have been gone for sometime but it means so much to me to see that you all are still using this site for all the goodies.  Now without further chit chat I will get on with the goodies.

Landmark: (*Atalante-Design*) 

Group is FREE to join: (*A-D*) In-World Group Joiner

*Photo below of the goodies*

AD GG_001

So What are you waiting for?? Lets scoop up some Group Gifts together!!

Til next time,


Hey Folks Have you ever been to Prism Designs??

Each month they put out new Group Gifts and if you have missed any Group Gifts from the months prior have no fear they keep them up!! They have two full walls of Group Gifts and right now July is a folder that consists of three outfits themed for the fourth of July.

So do you want to go here now?? Thats what I thought! The In-world Store Landmark is here —> Prism Designs In-World Landmark

To join there In-World store Group click here —> Prism Designs In-world Group Joiner

(below is a photo of the Group Gifts Section)

Prism Designs Group Gifts_001


P.s. If you ever want to go lucky boarding together hit me up in-world my name is redwrath resident.