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Ladies & Gentleman please allow me to introduce you to a store called GizzA Creations. They have some High Fashion Outfits here for both Men & Women.

To get here to grab these oh so Fashionable Outfits for both Men & Women click your Rolls Royce to the right—>GizzA Creations In-World Landmark

The group is FREE to join. I couldn’t believe it myself when I arrived here and saw the high fashion clothing. To join the group click here—>GizzA Creations Group Joiner

(see below: The photo of all the Male & Female Group Gifts)

GizzA Creations Group Gifts_001

Just to show you one of the outfits for Women that is VERY High Fashion check out my photo below! I grabbed a bunch of outfits and ran straight home to put this together to show you all.

(see below: The packaging, I have a thing for Packaging when they put effort into it!)

GizzA Creations Packaging Female_001

(See below: GizzA Creation Christmas Group Gift for Female)

GizzA Creations Female Christmas Gown1Abetter_001

I will put together more High Fashion outfits that are Gizza’s Group Gifts and Post them in my Flickr Group for my Blog.  I will make a Seperate Blog Posting about where to find the photos.

So I hope you Men & Women hustle down here to get yourself some great looking outfits. Fellas Check my Photo Album for photos of the High Fashion Male Outfits. 🙂

Till next time which is soon,



Shinichi Mathy and the owner and designer of the SHIKI brand  After 7 years of designing has finally decided to close.  The sim will be closing two weeks from now, however his Market Place will still be open. Here is the Link to his Market Place SHIKI Market Place . Here is the link to the In- World Store SHIKI Main Store . After a brief hiatus, a small boutique store is in the works but in the meantime, you can join the Shiki Design group to stay up to date, here is the In-World group joiner URL SHIKI Design Group the group is free to join. In the basement there are all the Group Gifts that have ever come out, so make sure you join the group and snag some amazing outfits.


Shinichi has placed 20 random items around the store as FREE gifts as a token of his appreciation and gratitude for the many years in business. So get ready to get your Hunt on, they are scattered all around the first and second floor. I will give you a hint There are none in the Sale Room. 🙂 Also something so exciting, these gifts are not just for women; that’s right guys get your hunting boots on because there are some great gifts for you all to pick up!

If you would like to keep an eye on what Shinichi Mathy is up to out of world you can check out his In-World Store blog here —>  SHIKI Designs Blogspot  or his personal real life cooking blog here —> SHIKI Designer’s RL Food Blog .


SL will miss this Designer and all his lovely creations, but we all are looking forward to his return whenever that may be.