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Goth, Goth and More Goth! Death Row Designs Has got it all!

Come on down to Death Row Designs and play all 18 Lucky Chairs with goodies for Men and Women! Click the link HERE to get here.  This landmark has been set up by the Lucky Chairs but to get the group gifts all you have to do is walk down the stairs!

To get the Group Gifts you have to join the FREE Death Row Designs Group! You can join by clicking the link HERE.

Check out the goodies below!


😀 See you there My dark morbid loverlies!


The In-World Store Landmark for Psychotic Neko is here —> Psychotic Neko In-world Store Landmark


The Psychotic Neko Store Mall & Club are home to the color changing tail and magic tail, custom made exclusive scripts with modifiable chats. Here they have a ton of Lucky Chairs all throughout the store, as well as Freebies, Group Gifts, and Midnight Mania Boards.

To join the In-world Psychotic Neko Group it is free, and you can join it by clicking the link here —> Psychotic Neko In-world Group Joiner

(below are some photos of the Lucky chairs, and MM Boards)

Psychotic Neko lucky chairs mm boards group gift_001

Psychotic Neko lucky chairs2_001


I’ve been wearing there ears and tails since I started SL it’s great to see this shop still kicking as well as still doing Lucky Chairs!!


~RedWrathBytes~ =^_^= -purs-