Psychotic Neko *Lucky Chairs, Midnight Mania boards, Group Gift*

Posted: July 18, 2014 in Freebies, Group Gift, Lucky Boards/ Lucky Chairs, Mens Clothing, Midnight Mania Boards, Womens Clothing
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The In-World Store Landmark for Psychotic Neko is here —> Psychotic Neko In-world Store Landmark


The Psychotic Neko Store Mall & Club are home to the color changing tail and magic tail, custom made exclusive scripts with modifiable chats. Here they have a ton of Lucky Chairs all throughout the store, as well as Freebies, Group Gifts, and Midnight Mania Boards.

To join the In-world Psychotic Neko Group it is free, and you can join it by clicking the link here —> Psychotic Neko In-world Group Joiner

(below are some photos of the Lucky chairs, and MM Boards)

Psychotic Neko lucky chairs mm boards group gift_001

Psychotic Neko lucky chairs2_001


I’ve been wearing there ears and tails since I started SL it’s great to see this shop still kicking as well as still doing Lucky Chairs!!


~RedWrathBytes~ =^_^= -purs-


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