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Hello there my ..:::Addicted to Juicy Bytes:::.. Lovers!! I have missed you all. Please leave me some comments below or on photos of my flickr letting me know how you found my blog.

Lets get down to business. XD

Envious is a Kawaii Womens Fashion and Accessories Shop, featuring many different styles of clothing from Goth to Urban and everything in between.

To get to this amazing location take your Taxi to the right —>Envious In-World Store Landmark

Now they unfortunately do charge to join there VIP Group and that charge is 150L. I don’t know about you but I am a broke yet stylish bitch so I can not afford to join that group. However I have joined there Envious Chat Group which is FREE and you can find that group here —>Envious Chat In-World Group Joiner

If you all come a little closer I will tell you a secret…. A few friends of mine discovered that you do not need to be in any group to play the Lucky Chairs and I believe you do not need to be in any group to click the MM Boards.

I hope to see you pretties there sometime. If you ever want to meet up In-World and go Lucky Chair or Board Hunting let me know by leaving a comment below.

(see below a photo of the Lucky Chairs and MM Boards)

Envious pick mm lc freebies_001

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ into Juicy Goodness. 😀


Hey Ladies I found the perfect store for all your naughty fashion needs. It’s called Dark Salvation Clothing.

They have it all from Womens clothing to Men’s Clothing. Group Gifts for the ladies, Lucky Chairs, Midnight Mania Boards and even a Lucky Cupcake.

To get to this sexy location click the link here —>Dark Salvations In-World Landmark

To join the In-World shops Group click here —> In-World Group Joiner for Dark Salvations

(below is a photo of there current Group Gifts)

Dark Salvation Clothing Group Gifts_001

(below is a photo of the Midnight Mania Boards)

Dark SalvationMMBoards_001

(when you walk around the wall of the MM boards you will find the Lucky Chairs)

Dark Salvation Lucky Cupcake and Lucky Chairs_001

On the plus side all the women’s clothing here have appliers for the following:

-Lola, Azz, Sking, WowMeh, Ghetto.

I have seen this clothing on Lolas and the tops look amazing!

Hopefully you all will stop by and pay this Naughty Naughty Store a Visit.

~RedWrathBytes~ =^_^= Meow