Pizza is Bae

Posted: June 9, 2016 in Uncategorized


Hey folks, thank you all so much for following my newest blog adventure. Thank you for the likes to my posts and my flickr photos, it really means a lot.

It’s about 2am here and all I can think about is Pizza. ^_^


Normally I would say you can find the rest of my Body info in my ‘About’ section, but that is not the case this time around. Make sure to check out below for all the info!

Body & Add On’s:

  • Kemono Mesh Body v.1.13.2 by <Utilizator> (On Marketplace, link included)
  • Rei’s Stuff, Rei’s Chest for Kemono (On Marketplace, link included)
  • Venus Anime Head -Ears on Pointy Mode-  by <Utilizator> (On Marketplace, link included)

Pizza Junky4b_001Clothing: 

  • glutz Hussy Halter v1.1 – works with Rei’s Chest (On Marketplace, link included, can be found inMain Store as well.)

You’re going to want to hurry to…

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