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Are you a proud furry fuzzbutt and looking for some awesome clothing or maybe a new furry avatar? Head on down to Furry Fashion today, like now, right this second. =^_^=

To get to Furry Fashion click the link HERE.

There is no group needed to play the Lucky Chairs, Campers or Midnight Mania Board, also on the sim is an Unlucky Board.

(45 Minute Campers, but the cool part about these are that you can change the photo to find something you want to camp for)


(Lucky Chairs)


(Lucky Fortune, good luck winning anything from this lol its so tricky) FurryFashionluckyfortunes_001

(Midnight Mania Board, Group Joiner, Facebook Link, Twitter Link and MORE)FurryFashionmmboard_001

(Lucky Triangle Pays you money after you unlock a certain tier but be careful it might not pay YOU the money, it might pay the person who unlocked another tier) FurryFashiontiergame_001




So if you are a Proud Furry and you know it Clap your Paws and head on down to Furry Fashion!

~RedWrath~ I sport two furries DSD Ocelet Hybrid, and BG Feline!

Hey Ladies, boy do I have a treat for you all. I stumbled a crossed this store this evening and I just had to immediately share it with you all.

It’s called Kamiri they have High Quality Mesh Clothing for Women. There Mesh Clothing is beautiful really, I mean I can not wait to get some outfits together of the Group Gifts I just snagged.

To get to this Fantastic Location click here —> Kamiri In-World Store Landmark

The Group is FREE to join and to do so you can click the link here —> Kamiri In-World Group Joiner

(see below a photo of the 4- 40 Minute Camp Chairs)Kamiri 40 min campers_001(below: On the left hand side are the Group Gifts, on the right hand side are the Lucky Boards. In between is the group joiner or you can join from the link posted above)Kamiri Group Gifts and Lucky Boards_001(see below: the 2 Midnight Mania Boards and underneath the right board are the last months Group Gifts)Kamiri Group Gifts and MM Boards_001(see below: SL Frees & Offers Group Gifts. To Join that Group click the link here —>SL Free’s & Offers Group Joiner )Kamiri SL FNO Group Gifts_001

I hope all you lovelies stop by this store to pick up these great, high quality outfits.

Till Next Time,

~RedWrathBytes~ I just wanna blog awesomeness XD


I ran home and put this outfit together and wanted to share my look with you all. 🙂 Just the Dress I got from this shop.

Today Im feeling Malibu Barbie BITCHES_001


Ladies have I got a great place for you. It’s called !Soul; they have High Quality Mesh Fashion for Women. My Girl Vicky & I hit up this shop tonight when a notice came from the SL Free’s & Offers Group.

To get to this Huge Shop take your taxi to the right —> !Soul In-World Main Store LM .

In order to get all these amazing group gifts you will need to join the !Soul Group and good thing it’s FREE to join. —>!Soul Store In-World Group Joiner .

I picked up almost all these gifts and I can not wait to make so many outfits with them!

Check out all the photos below!

(see below the photo of the Hunt they are affiliated with)Soul 2_001

(See Below a Photo of the Two Camper Chairs, You have to Camp for 60 Minutes, here I am show casing the clothing and my lovely models Marge, and Schmmid)soul camper1_001 soul camper2_001

(see below all the Group Gifts they have)soul gg3_001 soul gg4_001 soul gg5_001 soul gg6_001

(see below the Midnight Mania Board, We need more people to slap it!)Soul MM board_001

(see below the overall out door look of the shop !Soul)SOUL_001

Hopefully you will come down here and Snag all these amazing gifts!!

Till next time my Fashionable Ladies & Gents,

~RedWrathBytes~ I am addicted to Shopping!!

I absolutely love this Store. They have the Sexiest Club Wear Clothing for Women.

To get to this amazing place click the link here —> Tekila Candy In-World Store Landmark

To join the Tekila Candy In-World Group click the link here —> Tekila Candy In-world Group Joiner

(see below) Here is a photo of the Lucky Boards and 20 Minute Camp Chairs. Tekila Candy Campers and Lucky Boards_001

(see below) The Group Joiner if you Join while you are standing in the shop, and the Group Gifts. Tekila Candy Group joiner and group gifs_001

(see below) a Photo of ME rocking these Amazing Shoes!!


Leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of this store!

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ but only my Hubby. ❤

Hey Ladies looking for some super cute dresses or rompers? Check out this awesome shop I found called M&M Clothing Store for Women.

The In-World Shop Landmark is here —>M&M Style In-World Landmark

To join the Group click the link here —> M&M Style Group Joiner

Here is a photo of the group gifts, the one’s in the bags cost One Linden each. I have yet to put an outfit together of all the ones I snagged from here but soon I will.

M and M clothing group gifts_001

There is an ENTIRE wall of Lucky Boards on the top floor, I walked up all the stairs to get here but I will leave you all a Landmark to get here faster. 🙂

The landmark is here —> Wall of Lucky Boards at M&M Style Landmark

M and M entire wall of Lucky Boards_001

(P.s. There are also 15 Minute Campers on either side of the wall of Lucky Boards!! :D)

M and M camping chairs_001

OMG I am here, I think I might stay here for like ever!! 😀 Come find me!!! 😀

~RedWrathBytes~ has fallen in love with this store! ❤