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OMG so My sister Jezzy just showed me a shop called !HighRize! and I will come here everyday! I just got 10 pairs of lace slink high sized heels for free as of a group gift! :O *screams like a goat*

Click here to get to —> !HighRize! 

In-World Group is FREE To join to do so click here —-> ::HighRize::

Now check out all the sexy goodies down below:

(I really want these Slink High Heels the board is now at 9/60 slaps, come help us lock this down!)


HighRize2_001(Look at all the beautiful group gift shoes for slink ❤ ❤ )


Ladies help us lock this down tonight!!

~RedWrathBytes~ Is feeling shop hoppy tonight!

Ladies-Ladies-Ladies is it possible to have too much jewelry? I’m talking Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings,Rings, Matching jewelry sets and even a few pairs of shoes for Slink Flat Feet.

I know by now you all just can’t wait to get here so hop aboard my Magic Taxi here—>Pure Poison Main store LandMark and head right on over like now!

There are exactly 41 Group Gifts here (if my Calculations are correct) and I managed to scoop most if not all of them up. Oh but I haven’t told you the best part yet.. The group is FREE, yes FREE to join! To join the group before you get here click here—>Pure Poison Group Joiner

(see below: The Massive Amount of Group Gifts! They even have some unisex jewelry.)

Pure Posion Mainstore GROUP GIFTS GALORE_001

(see below: I am wearing One of the Group Gifts called Pure Poison- Bat Wings Necklace-Silver)

Pure Posion Necklace GG_001

So I hope you all run down here and check this shop out as well as scoop up as many Group Gifts as your arms can hold.

Till next time my loverlies,

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Ladies & Gentlemen I love this shop and I know you will too.

I introduce you to a shop called Rose Marine. They have Midnight Mania Boards and Lucky Chairs for both Men & Women, with high quality mesh clothing and outfits with Shoes for Slink feet for Men & Women.

To get to this store In-World just click the link to the right—> R@SE M@RINE In-World Landmark

To join the group it is FREE, to do so click here—>R@SE M@RINE Group Joiner

(see below: a Photo of the MM Boards and Lucky Chairs)

Rose Marine MM board and lucky chairs_001

So come on down Ladies and Gents and lock this Male MM Board down, and play some Lucky Chairs, Win some Full Outfits!!

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ is still working on that Logo!

Ladies & Gents,

If you are still looking for that perfect piece of swim wear to complete your summer wardrobe then look no further then Faboo.

To get to this chill spot take your surf board to the right —> Faboo Store In-World Landmark

Now the group joiner In-World says that the only way to join the group is by clicking the group joiner in the In-World Store. I am still going to post the link here just in case you can join from here. To join the Faboo Group In-World Click the link here —> Faboo Group Joiner

Please Make sure weather you join the group in-world or here on this blog that you are wearing the tag when you collect all the group gifts your heart can desire. I have over heard the Owner of the Shop saying some things and she would just prefer if you wear your tag when getting her Group Gifts. 🙂

To follow the Faboo store blog click the link here —> Faboo WordPress Blog

(see below: The Wall of Group Gifts)

Faboo gg1_001

They also have a Group Gift for the Group called SL Free’s & Offers. To join that group to get the gift click the link here —> SL Frees & Offers Group Joiner

(see below: The Group Gift for SL Frees & Offers is a pair of sandals for Slink Feet)


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