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I know, I know I said I moved my blog, which is very true. I moved it to a blog that I take more time on, and really work at it. BUT I am not always made of money to blog for that nicer blog, so I run back to my favorite habits of Freebie hunting.


I discovered 7 deadly sins skins group is going to be free until JUNE. So I joined and am planning on staying in it (hopefully I can find some Catwa appliers soon in this store, or there is no sense in staying in it for me) anywho I digress.

They are also giving out a 400L Giftcard for the shop during this month. So I highly suggest jumping down here to snag that and slap as many of the MM boards as you can.


Location: 7 Deadly S{k}ins Main store Landmark 

FREE group until June 2016: Click HERE to join

holy mother_001holy mother2_001

I stumbled a crossed this store the other day and I fell in love with there Midnight Mania board!

Here at Pizzazz’s In-World Store there is no group needed to play the Midnight Mania Board but in order to get the sexy group gifts you need to be in the SL F&O Group, you can join that group by clicking HERE. 

[ This outfit supports the following Mesh Bodies: The Mesh Project, Lena Perky & Lush, Slink Mesh Body, & Belleza ]


[ This outfit Supports Omega, Slink, Lean and Belleza, this top and the lingerie below is SL F&O Group Gifts]



I can not wait to try this lingerie set on!! ❤

Thank you Pizzazz!!


OMG so My sister Jezzy just showed me a shop called !HighRize! and I will come here everyday! I just got 10 pairs of lace slink high sized heels for free as of a group gift! :O *screams like a goat*

Click here to get to —> !HighRize! 

In-World Group is FREE To join to do so click here —-> ::HighRize::

Now check out all the sexy goodies down below:

(I really want these Slink High Heels the board is now at 9/60 slaps, come help us lock this down!)


HighRize2_001(Look at all the beautiful group gift shoes for slink ❤ ❤ )


Ladies help us lock this down tonight!!

~RedWrathBytes~ Is feeling shop hoppy tonight!

Are you a proud furry fuzzbutt and looking for some awesome clothing or maybe a new furry avatar? Head on down to Furry Fashion today, like now, right this second. =^_^=

To get to Furry Fashion click the link HERE.

There is no group needed to play the Lucky Chairs, Campers or Midnight Mania Board, also on the sim is an Unlucky Board.

(45 Minute Campers, but the cool part about these are that you can change the photo to find something you want to camp for)


(Lucky Chairs)


(Lucky Fortune, good luck winning anything from this lol its so tricky) FurryFashionluckyfortunes_001

(Midnight Mania Board, Group Joiner, Facebook Link, Twitter Link and MORE)FurryFashionmmboard_001

(Lucky Triangle Pays you money after you unlock a certain tier but be careful it might not pay YOU the money, it might pay the person who unlocked another tier) FurryFashiontiergame_001




So if you are a Proud Furry and you know it Clap your Paws and head on down to Furry Fashion!

~RedWrath~ I sport two furries DSD Ocelet Hybrid, and BG Feline!

Ladies Ladies Ladies Rush on down to Bitchtails for there 50L Retirement Sale Ending November 3rd. Don’t forget while you are there to play some Lucky Chairs, Slap that Midnight Mania Board, and Scoop up the freebies available!

To get to Bitchtails click the link HERE. 

The Bitchtails VIP Group Costs to join but I have discovered you do not need the group to play the Lucky Chairs or the Midnight Mania Board. 😀 YAY!!

(Freebies are in the small boxes on the floor, there is also a prize bomb you can pay to play, and for you Gacha Addicts there are some of those too!)


(LUCKY CHAIRS throughout the store, you also get a free gift upon entering the shop) bitchtailluckychairsfront_001


(Midnight Mania Board, I really want those pants!!) bitchtailMMboard_001

(These things, I have no clue what they are called but my Daughter wins every time she plays one of these prize boards!)



I have just advertised this awesomeness within the SLF&O group in-world and the sim is getting full, so come on down the more the merrier, let’s SHOP together!

~RedWrathBytes~ lets go shopping together tonight! ❤

Hello Ladies! I hope you all have been having a wonderful transition into November. I don’t know about you but I just can not let go of Halloween! So today I am bringing you a Shop that specializes in Demonic & Fantasy Avatars as well as Elf, Cosplay, Succubus, Incubus looks and more!

The shop its called Vendom & Niekra’s Dreams you can get there by clicking the link HERE. 

There group is FREE to join (but is not required to play the Lucky Chairs) to join the group to stay up to date on all the goodies this shop has to offer click HERE. 

Lucky Chairs VND_001 VNDmmboard_001

Sexy stuff here a VND!! Hurry up and pop on over the current letters on the Chairs are M-B-M

See you soon sexy  succubus’s.

~RedWrathBytes~ Meow 😉

Hey Ladies I found the perfect store for all your naughty fashion needs. It’s called Dark Salvation Clothing.

They have it all from Womens clothing to Men’s Clothing. Group Gifts for the ladies, Lucky Chairs, Midnight Mania Boards and even a Lucky Cupcake.

To get to this sexy location click the link here —>Dark Salvations In-World Landmark

To join the In-World shops Group click here —> In-World Group Joiner for Dark Salvations

(below is a photo of there current Group Gifts)

Dark Salvation Clothing Group Gifts_001

(below is a photo of the Midnight Mania Boards)

Dark SalvationMMBoards_001

(when you walk around the wall of the MM boards you will find the Lucky Chairs)

Dark Salvation Lucky Cupcake and Lucky Chairs_001

On the plus side all the women’s clothing here have appliers for the following:

-Lola, Azz, Sking, WowMeh, Ghetto.

I have seen this clothing on Lolas and the tops look amazing!

Hopefully you all will stop by and pay this Naughty Naughty Store a Visit.

~RedWrathBytes~ =^_^= Meow

Hey Hey Everyone, just wanted to share this adorable shop with you called Sugar Button Boutique! To get to the In-World store click here —> Sugar Button Boutique In-world Store

The In-world Group is FREE to join and they have some amazing Group Gifts once you do join!! To join the In-world Group for this store click the link here —> Sugar Button Boutique In-World Group Joiner

(below are some photos of the lucky chairs, Midnight Mania board, and group gifts)

Sugar button boutique MM board and Lucky Chairs_001

Sugar button boutique group gifts on wall and in green envelope on table_001


(I will be updating this post with a photo of an outfit or two that I put together from the group gifts that I got from here)


Till then,

~RedWrathBytes~ heehee

In-World Store Landmark for CottonCandyMonsteRs is

here —> <3<3{CottonCANDYmonsteR}<3<3 In-World Store


CottonCandymonsteRs has a wide variety of super cute Kawaii Fashion!! I love this store and come here often, I won the cutest of things from here.  They also have Lucky Chairs, Group Gifts and a Midnight Mania Board. 😀

To join the CottonCandymonsteRs In-World Group click the link

here —> CottonCANDYmonsteR’s In-World Group Joiner It’s free to join and you get can pick up a ton of group gifts  at the shop. 🙂


(see below the lucky chairs)

cottoncandymonster luckychairs_001

(see below as my Kids model where the group gifts and MM board are)

cottoncandymonster Group Gifts and MM board featuring Kat and Ty_001

Hope to see you here sometimes!!

Till then,

~RedWrathBytes~ but not to much!

Entice’s In-world Main store Landmark —> Entice, In-world Main store Landmark

Entice has Quality Fashion at Prices Everyone Can Afford! Not to mention they Have Lucky boards on either side of each door frame, a Midnight Mania Board located towards the back of there shop and group gifts.

To join the group it is FREE, the link for the In-World Group is here —> Entice In-World Group Joiner .


Entice Mainstore LB and MM_001


(See above) The Lucky boards and Group Gifts.

Here I am earlier today rocking one of the outfits I won from a lucky board here. (see image below)

resting after wedding for so long_001


They also work hand in hand with SL Frees & Offers so if you are apart of that group like I am you can get those group gifts as well. If you are not apart of the SL Frees & Offers Group you can become a member by clicking here SL Frees & Offers In-World Group Join, it’s free to join and they post so many great offers during each day In-World.




Goodnight and until next time..

~RedWrathBytes~ but not too hard. 😉 LOL