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Hey Everyone,


Thank you for continuing to be loyal followers for all the freebie goodness. I have decided to move to a new blog which will still contain Group Gifts and Freebies but also contain steals and deals on clothing and accessories.


You can find this new Blog HERE


hope to see you there!


~ RED 😀


Ladies-Ladies-Ladies is it possible to have too much jewelry? I’m talking Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings,Rings, Matching jewelry sets and even a few pairs of shoes for Slink Flat Feet.

I know by now you all just can’t wait to get here so hop aboard my Magic Taxi here—>Pure Poison Main store LandMark and head right on over like now!

There are exactly 41 Group Gifts here (if my Calculations are correct) and I managed to scoop most if not all of them up. Oh but I haven’t told you the best part yet.. The group is FREE, yes FREE to join! To join the group before you get here click here—>Pure Poison Group Joiner

(see below: The Massive Amount of Group Gifts! They even have some unisex jewelry.)

Pure Posion Mainstore GROUP GIFTS GALORE_001

(see below: I am wearing One of the Group Gifts called Pure Poison- Bat Wings Necklace-Silver)

Pure Posion Necklace GG_001

So I hope you all run down here and check this shop out as well as scoop up as many Group Gifts as your arms can hold.

Till next time my loverlies,

~RedWrathBytes~ What do you all think of the Blog Logo?? If you haven’t seen it, Check my About RedWrathBytes Section!

-Stands on a wooden carton clears my throat and begins shouting- “Calling all Ladies Near and far, Role Players, Fantasy Lovers and More! Step right up and come and grab your outfit today!”

I introduce you to the store called Poet’s Heart they sell Fantasy and Roleplay Clothing and more.

To get here click your merchants wagon here —> Poet’s Heart In-World Landmark

The group is FREE to join, I honestly was shocked when I found that out. To join before hand click here to sign your name on the scroll —>Poet’s Heart Group Joiner

(see below: The Group Gift called Lead Lady. I think it is absolutely Beautiful.)

Poets Heart GG1_001

(see below: Me! I ran right home after I picked this up and I put together my look for this gorgeous gown.)

Poets Heart GG5_001

You can find more photos of this look and more looks that I put together on the Flickr group I have created for this Blog which is here —>RedWrath Bytes Flickr Group for Blog

Remember if you create looks from accessories or outfits that you find off this blog, please join my blog Flickr group and upload your photos so we can all see the look that you have come up with! 😀

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ omg I almost lost this posting :O

Howdy everyone,

Do you love tattoos? Shoot I do! I have gotten at least 7 tattoos from the lucky boards here and I love them all!

The In-World Store Landmark is here —> I Love Tattoos In-World Store Landmark

To join the In-World Store Group its FREE!! I know right FREE!!

To do so the link is here —> In-World Group Joiner

(below is a photo of the Group Gifts)

I love tattoos group gifts_001

(below is a photo of the Midnight Mania Boards)

I love tattoos MM boards_001

(below is a photo of the Lucky Boards and My Family showing them off, Kat, Alley & Jeffery thank you for these awesome poses!)

I love tattoos Lucky Boards and my fam showing them off_001

(below is a personal photo of mine of the hand tattoos I won here on a Lucky Board, they are roses and I love them!)

HHMC and my new eyeballs_001

Have fun getting Inked!

As always,


Hey everyone,

Check out Bubblez Style Main Store They have the cutest Anime style clothing. Also Lucky Boards Galore, tons of Group Gifts and a Gacha!

The In-world Store Landmark is here —> Bubblez Style In-World Store Landmark

It’s FREE to join the In-World Store Group, to do so the link is here —> Bubblez Style Group Joiner

(below is a photo of most of the Lucky Boards)

Bubblez Style Main store lucky boards_001

(below is a photo of the Group Gifts)

Bubblez Style Main store_001

(below is a photo of the one Gacha)

Bubblez Style Main store Gacha_001


(below is one of my personal photos from my Flickr that I took here at the Bubblez Style Main Store when the front of the store was decorated like this…To follow me and all my photos on Flickr the link is here —> RedWrathBytes Flickr Photos)



Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ and is on a roll with blogging this early morning! XD