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I stumbled a crossed this store the other day and I fell in love with there Midnight Mania board!

Here at Pizzazz’s In-World Store there is no group needed to play the Midnight Mania Board but in order to get the sexy group gifts you need to be in the SL F&O Group, you can join that group by clicking HERE. 

[ This outfit supports the following Mesh Bodies: The Mesh Project, Lena Perky & Lush, Slink Mesh Body, & Belleza ]


[ This outfit Supports Omega, Slink, Lean and Belleza, this top and the lingerie below is SL F&O Group Gifts]



I can not wait to try this lingerie set on!! ❤

Thank you Pizzazz!!


Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen I have found quite the shop! Called PosESion Poses; they specialize in High Quality Poses for everyone. Looking for that Perfect Pose for you and the girls or maybe a pose that’s a little more closer 😉 Look no further PosESion Poses!

To get to this shop click the magic carpet to your right—> PosESion Poses In-World Landmark

To join the PosESion Poses Group it is FREE, to do so click here—> PosESion Poses Group Joiner

(see below: PosESion Poses Group Gifts)

Posesion poses gg_001 Posesion poses gg2_001


(see below: SL Free’s & Offers Group Gift) If you haven’t joined this group yet you can do so by clicking on the link here—> SL Free’s&Offers Group Joiner

Posesion poses SLFOGG_001


Well I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to make up another outfit and test these poses out! 😀

Till next time,

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Hey Hey Everybody I am here to bring you a shop called NoName. There motto is “Fashion with a Twist” They have mostly mesh items. Cool thing about this shop when you walk out of the shop they have Live Models Modeling there clothing you can ask them for help if you can not find anything or if you have a question about something.

To get to this shop back by the Lucky Chairs and MM Board for Females click the link here—>NoName In-World Store Landmark

To join there group it is FREE! To do so click here—>NoName In-World Group Joiner

Great thing that this Group is FREE to join because they are running a raffle to win a Gift Card for 500L to there store. :O As long as you are wearing the NoName tag you can enter once a day, they will be drawing on Sunday at 3pm SLT.

NoName Raffle  Female_001

(see below: The Female Lucky Chairs & Midnight Mania Board)

NoName LC Female_001 NoName MM Board Female_001

To find the SL Frees & Offers Group Gift just walk to the front of the store. If you have not joined this amazing group yet you can do so by clicking here —> SL Frees&Offers Group Joiner (see below: the photo of the Female SL Fees&Offers Group Gift)

NoName SLFO Group Gift Female_001

~~~~~~MEN’s Section~~~~~~

To get to the Lucky Chairs and Midnight Mania Board for Men Click the Link to the right—>NoName Men’s Section Landmark They also have a Raffle Board for the same contest in the mens section. The Lucky Chairs and Midnight Mania Board is Upstairs and the SL Frees& Offers group is down the stairs by the store entrance.

(see below: SL Free’s & Offers Group Gift for Men)

NoName SLFO Group Gift Male_001

(see below: The Men’s Section Midnight Mania Board and Lucky Chairs)

NoName MMBoard Male_001

NoName LC Male_001

Hopefully you will stop by this great store and slap these Midnight Mania Boards and play some Lucky Chairs.

Till next time,

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P.s. Do not forget once you do create an outfit from anything you find from my blog to add it to my blogs Flickr Group. You can get to that group by clicking here—> RedWrathBytes Blog Flickr Group