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Poison makes amazing mesh clothing I love this store, I swear by there jeans and I wear them often!!

To get to the in-world shop click here —-> >>>Poison In-World Store<<<

The Group is FREE to join to join click here.

Check out the goodies below:




(Below are the Full Halloween Avatars for Women & Men for FREE, so if you are looking for something spooky well this well definitely get the job done!)



Interested in keeping up to date with all the steals and deals and Lucky Boards and such while you are in-world join the group ..::Feeling Lucky?::.. today and get in on the fun of posting and store hopping!

See you all soon!

~RedWrathBytes~ Mmm Soup ❤

Goth, Goth and More Goth! Death Row Designs Has got it all!

Come on down to Death Row Designs and play all 18 Lucky Chairs with goodies for Men and Women! Click the link HERE to get here.  This landmark has been set up by the Lucky Chairs but to get the group gifts all you have to do is walk down the stairs!

To get the Group Gifts you have to join the FREE Death Row Designs Group! You can join by clicking the link HERE.

Check out the goodies below!


😀 See you there My dark morbid loverlies!


I don’t know if its the night or not but I am sensing a theme going on with the gothic, bloody, morbid stuff that I am posting! XD *heehee, yay’s*

Just stumbled along this shop tonight and I am so excited I am actually sitting here waiting for my letter to pop up on the Lucky Chairs so I can win something. XD

To get to REDRUM click the link HERE.

There group is FREE to join but not needed to play the Lucky Chairs or Midnight Mania Boards. To join the group click the link HERE. 


Jaw dropping am I right? heehee so come on down and hangout with me lets try to win stuff together!! Or better yet lets lock down the remaining boards that need slaps so we can all get these awesome gifts!

See ya soon.

~RedWrath~ Mother of the Night.

Lord and Lady of the Demon world hear my cries for fun!

If you haven’t already found the lair of Blasphemy then I highly suggest you check it out! They have some amazing Demonic, Morbid, Gothic stuff to add enough spice to any look you are trying to acquire.

Shall we fly together or separately?  Either or Let’s rush to Blasphemy tonight!

In order to play the Lucky Boards you must join the group, but have no fear the group is FREE, Click HERE to join ASAP!!

Here is a Sneak Peek of whats on the boards tonight…


Let’s get gothic, See you there!


This one is mainly for the guys! Coepio has 5 Shirts/ Sweaters/ Jackets and 3 pairs of Pants/ Shorts as  Group Gifts for the guys!! Woot Woot. The one pair of Skinny Jeans is unisex!!

These cloths are amazing, high quality mesh. I love them and I hope you will too.

To get to Coepio Click here.

The group is FREE to Join, to join the group click here. 

Coepio mens gg_001

Let’s see all you guys get snazzy in these outfits and post them on my Flick Group that you can find here. 



Hey Hey my lovely addicted I have missed you so much! *Squeezes you all into a massive huge* It’s been awhile and I apologize. So lets get down to all the new cool stuff that has been going on! Some of you have or may not have noticed that I have added a NEW Page to my blog. Called RedWrath blogs for {VIPS Creations}, I finally am blogging for a Store in SL and I would love for you all to check out that blog and let me know what you think. P.S. here is a little secret that store has Lucky Boards! :O

Anywho lets get down to what you came here for.. the goodies! 😀

Location: White Mink & Black Cotton SLurl

Group: Is sadly 50L to join… but I have learned you do not need to join the group to play the Midnight Mania Boards, or these neat little Rock Paper Scissors Game or Play the Lucky Chairs.

Check out the photos below!

(Female & Male Midnight Mania Board. This is a current Photo so come on down to slap these boards lets Lock em Down!)

White Mink Black Cotton2mm_001

(Black Cotton= Male Section. On the left hand side of the wall is a Rock-Paper-Scissors Game that you have to have a quick eye to play, and on the right hand side is the Lucky Chair)

White Mink Black Cotton3lcgame_001

(White Mink= Female Section. On the left hand side is the Lucky Chair, and on the right hand side is the Rock-Paper-Scissors Game)

White Mink Black Cotton4lcgame_001

More Posts to come so just hold onto your horses because I have so many new places to share with you all! 😀

Until next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ is moving up in the blogging world one post at a time. 😀

Hey Hey Guys & Gals have I got a great shop for you! It might be tiny but it packs a lil punch. They have men and women Lucky Chairs, MM Boards and Group Gifts and Freebies.

To get to this shop take your bike to the right—> Physco Clothes In-World Landmark

To join the group it is FREE, to do so before you get here click the link here—>Physco Clothes Group Joiner

(see below: a Male Group Gift



(see below: the Midnight Mania Boards for Men & Women)


(see below: Lucky Chairs & Balloons for Men & Women and those clicky games, as well as Candy Land the Board Game)

PCluckychairs and ballons_001


(see below: Some Male & Female Freebies)


So come one down and play some Candy Land while you wait for your initial on the Lucky Chairs! Snag some freebies and group gifts!

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ The Young Lady with the Tail is my Eldest Daughter Kat she is modeling where the clicky games and lucky chairs are… I’m just kidding I totally caught her off guard, she has no clue she’s about to be in this blog posting! XD

Omg Guys and Girls that are in the RP communities gather round. Have I found a store for you! They are 100% MESH. They have a ton of RP outfits and just to list a few they have, Gorean, Fantasy, Heaven & Hell, Elven, Alien, Cyber Punk, Furry, & Medieval.

To get to this shop take your horse ride to the right—> Lost Gem In-World Landmark

In order to click the Midnight Mania Boards you have to join the group, thank goodness the group join is FREE! To join the group ahead of time click the link here—>Lost Gem Group Joiner

(see below: a photo of the Midnight Mania Boards for Men & Women)

Lost Gem mmboard_001

(see below: Photos of the Lucky Chairs for Men & Women)

Lost Gem Lc1_001 Lost Gem Lc2_001

So run on down if you love RP wear and Armor Stuffs.

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ And is hoping to get this Ladies board Locked Down!

Hey Hey Ladies and Gents lets get down to it.

I stumbled a crossed this shop from Market Place and was like “Hmm I wonder if they have more Group Gifts In-World??” So I TP-ed here and sure enough they do. They don’t have much but still what they have is pretty good I think.

To get to this shop click the link to the right—> C.H.D. Design In-World Landmark

To join the Group to get the goods it is FREE! Click here to do so—> C.H.D Designs Group Joiner

If you have a Facebook Profile for your SL Avatar you can like this company’s page by clicking this link—> CHD Design’s Facebook Like Page

Interested in following the blog for this company? You can do so by following this link—> C.H.D. Design’s Blog

(see below: Male Group Gift)


(see below: Female Group Gifts)


I personally can not wait to run home and put together a look with the all female outfit!! I love it soo much!!

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ is jamming to YouTube.

Hey Hey Everybody I am here to bring you a shop called NoName. There motto is “Fashion with a Twist” They have mostly mesh items. Cool thing about this shop when you walk out of the shop they have Live Models Modeling there clothing you can ask them for help if you can not find anything or if you have a question about something.

To get to this shop back by the Lucky Chairs and MM Board for Females click the link here—>NoName In-World Store Landmark

To join there group it is FREE! To do so click here—>NoName In-World Group Joiner

Great thing that this Group is FREE to join because they are running a raffle to win a Gift Card for 500L to there store. :O As long as you are wearing the NoName tag you can enter once a day, they will be drawing on Sunday at 3pm SLT.

NoName Raffle  Female_001

(see below: The Female Lucky Chairs & Midnight Mania Board)

NoName LC Female_001 NoName MM Board Female_001

To find the SL Frees & Offers Group Gift just walk to the front of the store. If you have not joined this amazing group yet you can do so by clicking here —> SL Frees&Offers Group Joiner (see below: the photo of the Female SL Fees&Offers Group Gift)

NoName SLFO Group Gift Female_001

~~~~~~MEN’s Section~~~~~~

To get to the Lucky Chairs and Midnight Mania Board for Men Click the Link to the right—>NoName Men’s Section Landmark They also have a Raffle Board for the same contest in the mens section. The Lucky Chairs and Midnight Mania Board is Upstairs and the SL Frees& Offers group is down the stairs by the store entrance.

(see below: SL Free’s & Offers Group Gift for Men)

NoName SLFO Group Gift Male_001

(see below: The Men’s Section Midnight Mania Board and Lucky Chairs)

NoName MMBoard Male_001

NoName LC Male_001

Hopefully you will stop by this great store and slap these Midnight Mania Boards and play some Lucky Chairs.

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ is working on a Logo for the blog 😀

P.s. Do not forget once you do create an outfit from anything you find from my blog to add it to my blogs Flickr Group. You can get to that group by clicking here—> RedWrathBytes Blog Flickr Group