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Goth, Goth and More Goth! Death Row Designs Has got it all!

Come on down to Death Row Designs and play all 18 Lucky Chairs with goodies for Men and Women! Click the link HERE to get here.  This landmark has been set up by the Lucky Chairs but to get the group gifts all you have to do is walk down the stairs!

To get the Group Gifts you have to join the FREE Death Row Designs Group! You can join by clicking the link HERE.

Check out the goodies below!


😀 See you there My dark morbid loverlies!



Okay Ladies and Gents are you still in search of accessories for your Halloween Costume, have no more worries just head on down to VIPS Creation and pick up there Group Gifts and stay awhile to shop around and even play the Lucky Boards. ❤

The Store is VIPS Corner Creation In-World Store

To join the Group it is Free, click HERE for the joiner.  In order to play the Lucky Boards you have to be in the group. 🙂

See the photos below of the Lucky Boards and Group Gifts.

vips lb_001 vipsgg_001

I have added a new page to this Blog site, If you didn’t already see it. I am blogging for this store, to check out my blog posts click the link HERE. I blog a ton of Halloween Costumes ❤

I hope to see you here soon.

~RedWrathBytes~ Just can’t get enough of Halloween ❤

Hey Hey my lovely addicted I have missed you so much! *Squeezes you all into a massive huge* It’s been awhile and I apologize. So lets get down to all the new cool stuff that has been going on! Some of you have or may not have noticed that I have added a NEW Page to my blog. Called RedWrath blogs for {VIPS Creations}, I finally am blogging for a Store in SL and I would love for you all to check out that blog and let me know what you think. P.S. here is a little secret that store has Lucky Boards! :O

Anywho lets get down to what you came here for.. the goodies! 😀

Location: White Mink & Black Cotton SLurl

Group: Is sadly 50L to join… but I have learned you do not need to join the group to play the Midnight Mania Boards, or these neat little Rock Paper Scissors Game or Play the Lucky Chairs.

Check out the photos below!

(Female & Male Midnight Mania Board. This is a current Photo so come on down to slap these boards lets Lock em Down!)

White Mink Black Cotton2mm_001

(Black Cotton= Male Section. On the left hand side of the wall is a Rock-Paper-Scissors Game that you have to have a quick eye to play, and on the right hand side is the Lucky Chair)

White Mink Black Cotton3lcgame_001

(White Mink= Female Section. On the left hand side is the Lucky Chair, and on the right hand side is the Rock-Paper-Scissors Game)

White Mink Black Cotton4lcgame_001

More Posts to come so just hold onto your horses because I have so many new places to share with you all! 😀

Until next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ is moving up in the blogging world one post at a time. 😀

Hey Hey all, lets get down to business.

I stumbled a crossed this little shop before they moved to this location. They have cute clothing for both Men and Women. My Favorite thing I have won off a lucky board has been there “Hi” Long sleeve dress shirt and sweater.

Here is how you get there —-> Bella’s Lullaby In-World Store Make sure when you get there and you are finished in the store you check out the land, its decorated quite Whimsical and Beautiful. I find it peaceful here. There is even a Gacha Yard Sale in the front yard.

To get the gifts and even play on the Lucky Boards you have to be apart of the group.

Here is the link to the group —> Bella’s Lullaby In-World Group Joiner

(below are some photos of the Group Gifts and free gift as well as the Lucky Boards)

Bellas lullaby group gifts and free gift_001

Bellas lullaby lucky boards_001

I hope you all enjoy this little shop as much as I do.

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ into Apples O.o

Hey everyone,

Check out Bubblez Style Main Store They have the cutest Anime style clothing. Also Lucky Boards Galore, tons of Group Gifts and a Gacha!

The In-world Store Landmark is here —> Bubblez Style In-World Store Landmark

It’s FREE to join the In-World Store Group, to do so the link is here —> Bubblez Style Group Joiner

(below is a photo of most of the Lucky Boards)

Bubblez Style Main store lucky boards_001

(below is a photo of the Group Gifts)

Bubblez Style Main store_001

(below is a photo of the one Gacha)

Bubblez Style Main store Gacha_001


(below is one of my personal photos from my Flickr that I took here at the Bubblez Style Main Store when the front of the store was decorated like this…To follow me and all my photos on Flickr the link is here —> RedWrathBytes Flickr Photos)



Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ and is on a roll with blogging this early morning! XD