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Are you in need of some sweet new piercings? Well look no further then A&A’s line of high quality Jewelry called Diamante.

When I found this store I was very surprised at the quality of there piercings and I was ecstatic because not only is the group FREE to join but they also have Lucky Chairs. 😀

To get to this amazing shop click for a ride in your tricked whip.—> A&A Diamante In-World Landmark

To join the FREE group click here —>A&A Group Joiner

(see below: The Midnight Mania Board & Lucky Chairs)

AandA Diamantemm_001

AandA Diamante lc_001

Also if you are apart of the SL Frees & Offers Group they have two Group Gifts near the left hand side of the staircase. If you are not apart of SL Frees & Offers yet then I highly suggest that you become a group member. To join this group and become one of the tons of Offer Hunters click the link here —> SL Frees & Offers Group Joiner

(see below: The SL Frees & Offers Group Gifts)

slfogg1_001 slfogg2_001

That’s right ladies they have a hot Group Gift for High Slink Feet!

The great thing about the piercing sets is that they all come with color changing HUDS. Which is awesome! See below two looks that I have created with the set I got as an SL F&O Gift and one that I won here off a Lucky Chair.



So since you have received your invitation to rush down here there is no more need to wait. 🙂 Hope to see you soon here at the Lucky Chairs, if you spot me say “Hi!”

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ I will be gone for 2 weeks on vacation so I will do my best to blog then or when I am back.

Ladies & Gents,

If you are still looking for that perfect piece of swim wear to complete your summer wardrobe then look no further then Faboo.

To get to this chill spot take your surf board to the right —> Faboo Store In-World Landmark

Now the group joiner In-World says that the only way to join the group is by clicking the group joiner in the In-World Store. I am still going to post the link here just in case you can join from here. To join the Faboo Group In-World Click the link here —> Faboo Group Joiner

Please Make sure weather you join the group in-world or here on this blog that you are wearing the tag when you collect all the group gifts your heart can desire. I have over heard the Owner of the Shop saying some things and she would just prefer if you wear your tag when getting her Group Gifts. 🙂

To follow the Faboo store blog click the link here —> Faboo WordPress Blog

(see below: The Wall of Group Gifts)

Faboo gg1_001

They also have a Group Gift for the Group called SL Free’s & Offers. To join that group to get the gift click the link here —> SL Frees & Offers Group Joiner

(see below: The Group Gift for SL Frees & Offers is a pair of sandals for Slink Feet)


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Who here needs more Heels in there life? For Regular feet and for Slink? -cups hand around hear listening out for the cries of women- That’s what I thought!  There Store Motto is “Shoes are like Candies… you always want more.” How true!!

To get to the Mainstore of [NINETY] Click your peep toed rocket here —> [NINETY] In-World Landmark

To join the group it is FREE you can click the link here —> -NINETY- Group Joiner to do so ahead of time.

(see below the Group Gifts for Slink & Regular Feet as well as there VERY Cheap Promo section right now)

Ninety1_001Ninety3 gg_001

Ninety2 promo_001

They also have a Group Gift for the Group called SL Free’s & Offers. To join that Group to get the shoes available click the link here —> SL Free’s & Offers Group Joiner . You can see below the shoes available when you join that group.

Ninety4 slfo_001

So ladies run your way over to [NINETY] of course without breaking a heel and grab all these amazing Group Gifts!

Till next time,

~RedWrath is in a blogging mood today~

P.s. Make sure you scroll down the main feed to check out all the newest listings!

Okay Ladies, I know some of you out there have Slink feet. Well this is thee perfect place to scoop up some amazing high quality outfits that include the most sexiest shoes for Slink Feet; and all you have to do is join a FREE Group called SL Free’s & Offers and all these can be yours!

So here is your Taxi to the shop —> SHEY by MoiMoi In-World Store LM

The SL Frees&Offers Group is an international fashion & shopping group for daily notices about new releases, sales and nice gifts! Here is a link to there Blog —>  SL Frees & Offers Blogspot Blog .

To join there in-world group click the link here —> SL Frees & Offers In-World Group Joiner

(see below the photos of the available Group Gifts)

group gifts for sl fao shey by moimoi_001

group gifts for sl fao shey by moimoi2_001

I can honestly say I have snagged all these wonderful outfits and even though I am not a Slink feet owner I will have them one day, so why not Pre-Collect Shoes for them! 😀

Till Next Time My Pretties,

~I Bite~ -Shows Fangs-