[NINETY] *Group Gifts, SL Free’s & Offers Group Gift*

Posted: August 5, 2014 in Group Gift, Womens Clothing
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Who here needs more Heels in there life? For Regular feet and for Slink? -cups hand around hear listening out for the cries of women- That’s what I thought!  There Store Motto is “Shoes are like Candies… you always want more.” How true!!

To get to the Mainstore of [NINETY] Click your peep toed rocket here —> [NINETY] In-World Landmark

To join the group it is FREE you can click the link here —> -NINETY- Group Joiner to do so ahead of time.

(see below the Group Gifts for Slink & Regular Feet as well as there VERY Cheap Promo section right now)

Ninety1_001Ninety3 gg_001

Ninety2 promo_001

They also have a Group Gift for the Group called SL Free’s & Offers. To join that Group to get the shoes available click the link here —> SL Free’s & Offers Group Joiner . You can see below the shoes available when you join that group.

Ninety4 slfo_001

So ladies run your way over to [NINETY] of course without breaking a heel and grab all these amazing Group Gifts!

Till next time,

~RedWrath is in a blogging mood today~

P.s. Make sure you scroll down the main feed to check out all the newest listings!


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