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In-World Store Landmark for Rowena’s Designs is here —> Rowena’s Designs In-World Store Landmark .


Rowena’s Designs & Precious Design’s feature quality Mesh clothing with texture changing huds and more.  They also have stellar Group Gifts placed on either side of there two Midnight Mania Boards (shown in the photo graph below), they also have Lucky Boards placed on the wall in between there Live Models, as well as Group Gifts for people who are in the SL Free’s & Offers Group.


Rowenas Designs and Precious Designs1_001

To join the Rowena’s Designs In-world Store Group Click here —> Rowena’s Designs Group Joiner .

To join the Precious Designs In-World Store Group Click here —> Precious Designs Group Joiner

To join the SL Free’s & Offers In-World Group Click here —> SL Free’s & Offers In-World Group Joiner , also you can follow the SL Free’s and Offer’s Blog by clicking the link here —> SL Free’s & Offers Blog .

(Below is a photo of the Lucky Boards & Live Models)

Lucky Boards & Live Models

(Below is a photo of the Other section of Group Gifts both for Rowena’s Designs & SL Free’s & Offer’s)

Rowenas Designs group gifts as well as SL FandO group gifts_001

((I will update this posting with a photo of one of the group gift outfits))


Till then,

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