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Omg Ladies so I stumbled a crossed this place thankfully from a Tumblr that I follow called SLFreebieFreaks The stuff she posts is truly adorable, she makes some amazing Kawaii outfits!

This amazing Kawaii Join is {Peachy} 

The Group is FREE to Join to join click here.

For Lag Free shopping check out there Marketplace.

Looking for some super cute dresses or accessories to get ready for the last week of Candy Fair? Look no further then this shop. Today I put together the cutest outfit which I will totally be sharing with you!

(See below the Group Gifts)

PeachyGG1_001 PeachyGG2_001

(See Below the Free Tank top)


(See below: The 20 Minute Camper Chair, 2 Lucky Boards, and a Midnight Mania Board)


(My outfit I made using the Purple Group Gift from this store)

Oh So Buttery Toastable_001

Purple Dress from This store {Peachy}

Donut Headband, Ring, Toast mouthie, Toast Necklace, Toast Bracelet, Pastel Bone Tights from Buttery Toast This shop is amazing, I highly suggest you check it out. *Whispears* “They have Lucky Boards” 😀 (Group Fee is 50L)

Mesh Hair is Group Gift from Pr!tty (Group is Free to join)

Black Oni Horns FREE off Marketplace (I can not seem to find MP Link)

Purple Glasses are from {Cotton.Candy.MonsteRs}

Edible Candy Bracelet from PROVOKE! 

Dita-Umber-DB-clv SL F&O Group Gift Skin from -=>>G.C.<<=-

Nose Ring came with outfit I won off Lucky Chairs at [AdN]

Rose Hand Tattoos won of Lucky Board at TurlaccorCustom Bike Store

Baby Pink Stilettos old Group Gift or Lucky Board winning at Grumble

So come one lets get all cute and matchy and head down to Candy Fair together! ❤ 😀

~RedWrathBytes~ Feels adorable in her Kawaii outfit!

Hey Gals and Guys,

Toxic BISH is quite the Sexy shop. Very Sexy clothing for men and women. I will leave the rest to your imagination. 😉

To get to this hot shop click the In-World Landmark here —> Toxic BISH Womens Store In-World Landmark

To join the group for the womens section click the link here —> Toxic BISH Womens Group Joiner

(below is a photo of the Group Gifts)

Toxic BISH Group Gifts_001

(below is a photo of the women’s Lucky Boards)

Toxic BISH Lucky Boards_001

(below is a photo of the Midnight Mania Boards)

Toxic BISH MM Boards_001


The Store is called the same Toxic BISH the landmark is here —>Men’s Section of Toxic BISH In-World Store Landmark

The Group to join for men is the same group for women, the link to that In-World Group is above.

(below is a photo of the men’s Lucky Board and Group Gifts)

Toxic BISH Mens Group Gifts and one Lucky board_001


So Guys and Gals have fun in the Sexy Land of Toxic BISH!!

You know the deal,

~RedWrahBytes~ Tonight -fangs come out-

In-World Store Landmark for Rowena’s Designs is here —> Rowena’s Designs In-World Store Landmark .


Rowena’s Designs & Precious Design’s feature quality Mesh clothing with texture changing huds and more.  They also have stellar Group Gifts placed on either side of there two Midnight Mania Boards (shown in the photo graph below), they also have Lucky Boards placed on the wall in between there Live Models, as well as Group Gifts for people who are in the SL Free’s & Offers Group.


Rowenas Designs and Precious Designs1_001

To join the Rowena’s Designs In-world Store Group Click here —> Rowena’s Designs Group Joiner .

To join the Precious Designs In-World Store Group Click here —> Precious Designs Group Joiner

To join the SL Free’s & Offers In-World Group Click here —> SL Free’s & Offers In-World Group Joiner , also you can follow the SL Free’s and Offer’s Blog by clicking the link here —> SL Free’s & Offers Blog .

(Below is a photo of the Lucky Boards & Live Models)

Lucky Boards & Live Models

(Below is a photo of the Other section of Group Gifts both for Rowena’s Designs & SL Free’s & Offer’s)

Rowenas Designs group gifts as well as SL FandO group gifts_001

((I will update this posting with a photo of one of the group gift outfits))


Till then,

~RedWrathBytes~ but only a little. 😉