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I know, I know I said I moved my blog, which is very true. I moved it to a blog that I take more time on, and really work at it. BUT I am not always made of money to blog for that nicer blog, so I run back to my favorite habits of Freebie hunting.


I discovered 7 deadly sins skins group is going to be free until JUNE. So I joined and am planning on staying in it (hopefully I can find some Catwa appliers soon in this store, or there is no sense in staying in it for me) anywho I digress.

They are also giving out a 400L Giftcard for the shop during this month. So I highly suggest jumping down here to snag that and slap as many of the MM boards as you can.


Location: 7 Deadly S{k}ins Main store Landmark 

FREE group until June 2016: Click HERE to join

holy mother_001holy mother2_001

Hey Hey Guys & Gals have I got a great shop for you! It might be tiny but it packs a lil punch. They have men and women Lucky Chairs, MM Boards and Group Gifts and Freebies.

To get to this shop take your bike to the right—> Physco Clothes In-World Landmark

To join the group it is FREE, to do so before you get here click the link here—>Physco Clothes Group Joiner

(see below: a Male Group Gift



(see below: the Midnight Mania Boards for Men & Women)


(see below: Lucky Chairs & Balloons for Men & Women and those clicky games, as well as Candy Land the Board Game)

PCluckychairs and ballons_001


(see below: Some Male & Female Freebies)


So come one down and play some Candy Land while you wait for your initial on the Lucky Chairs! Snag some freebies and group gifts!

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ The Young Lady with the Tail is my Eldest Daughter Kat she is modeling where the clicky games and lucky chairs are… I’m just kidding I totally caught her off guard, she has no clue she’s about to be in this blog posting! XD

Omg Guys and Girls that are in the RP communities gather round. Have I found a store for you! They are 100% MESH. They have a ton of RP outfits and just to list a few they have, Gorean, Fantasy, Heaven & Hell, Elven, Alien, Cyber Punk, Furry, & Medieval.

To get to this shop take your horse ride to the right—> Lost Gem In-World Landmark

In order to click the Midnight Mania Boards you have to join the group, thank goodness the group join is FREE! To join the group ahead of time click the link here—>Lost Gem Group Joiner

(see below: a photo of the Midnight Mania Boards for Men & Women)

Lost Gem mmboard_001

(see below: Photos of the Lucky Chairs for Men & Women)

Lost Gem Lc1_001 Lost Gem Lc2_001

So run on down if you love RP wear and Armor Stuffs.

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ And is hoping to get this Ladies board Locked Down!

Ladies & Gentlemen I love this shop and I know you will too.

I introduce you to a shop called Rose Marine. They have Midnight Mania Boards and Lucky Chairs for both Men & Women, with high quality mesh clothing and outfits with Shoes for Slink feet for Men & Women.

To get to this store In-World just click the link to the right—> R@SE M@RINE In-World Landmark

To join the group it is FREE, to do so click here—>R@SE M@RINE Group Joiner

(see below: a Photo of the MM Boards and Lucky Chairs)

Rose Marine MM board and lucky chairs_001

So come on down Ladies and Gents and lock this Male MM Board down, and play some Lucky Chairs, Win some Full Outfits!!

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ is still working on that Logo!

Hey Hey Everybody I am here to bring you a shop called NoName. There motto is “Fashion with a Twist” They have mostly mesh items. Cool thing about this shop when you walk out of the shop they have Live Models Modeling there clothing you can ask them for help if you can not find anything or if you have a question about something.

To get to this shop back by the Lucky Chairs and MM Board for Females click the link here—>NoName In-World Store Landmark

To join there group it is FREE! To do so click here—>NoName In-World Group Joiner

Great thing that this Group is FREE to join because they are running a raffle to win a Gift Card for 500L to there store. :O As long as you are wearing the NoName tag you can enter once a day, they will be drawing on Sunday at 3pm SLT.

NoName Raffle  Female_001

(see below: The Female Lucky Chairs & Midnight Mania Board)

NoName LC Female_001 NoName MM Board Female_001

To find the SL Frees & Offers Group Gift just walk to the front of the store. If you have not joined this amazing group yet you can do so by clicking here —> SL Frees&Offers Group Joiner (see below: the photo of the Female SL Fees&Offers Group Gift)

NoName SLFO Group Gift Female_001

~~~~~~MEN’s Section~~~~~~

To get to the Lucky Chairs and Midnight Mania Board for Men Click the Link to the right—>NoName Men’s Section Landmark They also have a Raffle Board for the same contest in the mens section. The Lucky Chairs and Midnight Mania Board is Upstairs and the SL Frees& Offers group is down the stairs by the store entrance.

(see below: SL Free’s & Offers Group Gift for Men)

NoName SLFO Group Gift Male_001

(see below: The Men’s Section Midnight Mania Board and Lucky Chairs)

NoName MMBoard Male_001

NoName LC Male_001

Hopefully you will stop by this great store and slap these Midnight Mania Boards and play some Lucky Chairs.

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ is working on a Logo for the blog 😀

P.s. Do not forget once you do create an outfit from anything you find from my blog to add it to my blogs Flickr Group. You can get to that group by clicking here—> RedWrathBytes Blog Flickr Group

Hey Ladies, My Daughter Kat took me to this shop a little while ago; we’re both into Gothic Fashion and such and this place has just that.

To get to this Morbid Palace click your Hearse to the right —>The Little Bat In-World Store Landmark

This shop does have a Group but it costs 30L to join. As I stated earlier I am poor and can not afford to pay to join groups but have no fear you can still scoop up the Freebies and you can still slap the MM Board as well as play the Lucky Boards. YAY!!!

The Little Bat_001

So if you are a Little Batty then pop on down to this adorable Gothic Shop.

Till then my Morbid Monsters,

~RedWrathBytes~ but only tonight. XD

Hey Hey Ladies I am bringing you news of a shop called [QE] Designs. There motto is “Clothing for the Classy Slut in all of us.” Who couldn’t love a Store Motto more then that!

To get to this huge store click your Taxi here —> [QE] Designs In-World Landmark

To join there Group and get the cute Group Gifts click here —> [QE] Designs Group Joiner The Group Gifts are Located in the Main Section of the Store, The Lucky Chairs and MM Boards are located in the Discount Section off to the left of the Main Building. Also check out the Naughty Shop if you’re 18 and older 😉

(see below: There Group Gifts. I must say I am madly in-love with there Hip Chain that has a spot for a photo. Mine has a Photo of My Husband. ^_^

qe designs group gift_001

(see below: A Photo of the Lucky Chairs and Midnight Mania Boards) qu designs lc mmb_001

Till Next Time My Lovelies,

~Red Bytes~ Check my Flickr for my new look!! 😀

Hey Ladies, boy do I have a treat for you all. I stumbled a crossed this store this evening and I just had to immediately share it with you all.

It’s called Kamiri they have High Quality Mesh Clothing for Women. There Mesh Clothing is beautiful really, I mean I can not wait to get some outfits together of the Group Gifts I just snagged.

To get to this Fantastic Location click here —> Kamiri In-World Store Landmark

The Group is FREE to join and to do so you can click the link here —> Kamiri In-World Group Joiner

(see below a photo of the 4- 40 Minute Camp Chairs)Kamiri 40 min campers_001(below: On the left hand side are the Group Gifts, on the right hand side are the Lucky Boards. In between is the group joiner or you can join from the link posted above)Kamiri Group Gifts and Lucky Boards_001(see below: the 2 Midnight Mania Boards and underneath the right board are the last months Group Gifts)Kamiri Group Gifts and MM Boards_001(see below: SL Frees & Offers Group Gifts. To Join that Group click the link here —>SL Free’s & Offers Group Joiner )Kamiri SL FNO Group Gifts_001

I hope all you lovelies stop by this store to pick up these great, high quality outfits.

Till Next Time,

~RedWrathBytes~ I just wanna blog awesomeness XD


I ran home and put this outfit together and wanted to share my look with you all. 🙂 Just the Dress I got from this shop.

Today Im feeling Malibu Barbie BITCHES_001


Hello there my ..:::Addicted to Juicy Bytes:::.. Lovers!! I have missed you all. Please leave me some comments below or on photos of my flickr letting me know how you found my blog.

Lets get down to business. XD

Envious is a Kawaii Womens Fashion and Accessories Shop, featuring many different styles of clothing from Goth to Urban and everything in between.

To get to this amazing location take your Taxi to the right —>Envious In-World Store Landmark

Now they unfortunately do charge to join there VIP Group and that charge is 150L. I don’t know about you but I am a broke yet stylish bitch so I can not afford to join that group. However I have joined there Envious Chat Group which is FREE and you can find that group here —>Envious Chat In-World Group Joiner

If you all come a little closer I will tell you a secret…. A few friends of mine discovered that you do not need to be in any group to play the Lucky Chairs and I believe you do not need to be in any group to click the MM Boards.

I hope to see you pretties there sometime. If you ever want to meet up In-World and go Lucky Chair or Board Hunting let me know by leaving a comment below.

(see below a photo of the Lucky Chairs and MM Boards)

Envious pick mm lc freebies_001

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ into Juicy Goodness. 😀

Ladies have I got a great place for you. It’s called !Soul; they have High Quality Mesh Fashion for Women. My Girl Vicky & I hit up this shop tonight when a notice came from the SL Free’s & Offers Group.

To get to this Huge Shop take your taxi to the right —> !Soul In-World Main Store LM .

In order to get all these amazing group gifts you will need to join the !Soul Group and good thing it’s FREE to join. —>!Soul Store In-World Group Joiner .

I picked up almost all these gifts and I can not wait to make so many outfits with them!

Check out all the photos below!

(see below the photo of the Hunt they are affiliated with)Soul 2_001

(See Below a Photo of the Two Camper Chairs, You have to Camp for 60 Minutes, here I am show casing the clothing and my lovely models Marge, and Schmmid)soul camper1_001 soul camper2_001

(see below all the Group Gifts they have)soul gg3_001 soul gg4_001 soul gg5_001 soul gg6_001

(see below the Midnight Mania Board, We need more people to slap it!)Soul MM board_001

(see below the overall out door look of the shop !Soul)SOUL_001

Hopefully you will come down here and Snag all these amazing gifts!!

Till next time my Fashionable Ladies & Gents,

~RedWrathBytes~ I am addicted to Shopping!!