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Treat Me Like Fire

Posted: December 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

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My Overfilled Closet

Treat Me Like Fire

Welp. I’ve been bad yet again. This Christmas I did the unthinkable and somehow purchased my first mesh head. Let me be clear I was very skeptical and for the longest time I thought I would never purchase a mesh head because I loved my default features paired with my mesh lips. I also felt that wearing a mesh head would take away my originality. However after being talked into at least demoing the Catwa brand of mesh heads I  must say that I felt an instant connection.

Gwen gives me the feeling of wearing a smooth and more pronounced version of my default head. I believe its the jaw shape, whatever it is I absolutely love it. I think that for someone who is hesitant to try something such as a mesh head or even a mesh body, it is important to give the ability to demo whatever mesh part with…

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