M&M Style *Group Gifts & Massive Wall of Lucky Boards!!

Posted: July 19, 2014 in Group Gift, Lucky Boards/ Lucky Chairs, Midnight Mania Boards, Womens Clothing
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Hey Ladies looking for some super cute dresses or rompers? Check out this awesome shop I found called M&M Clothing Store for Women.

The In-World Shop Landmark is here —>M&M Style In-World Landmark

To join the Group click the link here —> M&M Style Group Joiner

Here is a photo of the group gifts, the one’s in the bags cost One Linden each. I have yet to put an outfit together of all the ones I snagged from here but soon I will.

M and M clothing group gifts_001

There is an ENTIRE wall of Lucky Boards on the top floor, I walked up all the stairs to get here but I will leave you all a Landmark to get here faster. 🙂

The landmark is here —> Wall of Lucky Boards at M&M Style Landmark

M and M entire wall of Lucky Boards_001

(P.s. There are also 15 Minute Campers on either side of the wall of Lucky Boards!! :D)

M and M camping chairs_001

OMG I am here, I think I might stay here for like ever!! 😀 Come find me!!! 😀

~RedWrathBytes~ has fallen in love with this store! ❤


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