PANIK *Group Gift*

Posted: August 5, 2014 in Group Gift, Womens Clothing
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Hey Hey All! -Waves-

So I stumbled a crossed this shop called PANIK a month ago and I figured it was time to share such a place with you all.

To get here click your flying carpet to the right —> PANIK In-World Shop Landmark

The group is FREE to join and they’re Group Gift stays the same the whole month. To join PANIK’s In-World Group click here —> PANIK Group Joiner

Hopefully you all will give this small shop a look you can see this months Group Gift in the photo below.

Panik Group Gift_001

This Months Group Gift is a Moon Head Chain which I have yet to make an outfit for but I can not wait to put this beautiful head piece on one of my outfits to come. 🙂 If you make an outfit based around this Head Chain send it to me via SL or tag me on your Flickr or add me on Facebook my name is RedWrath Karu. 🙂

Till next time,

~RedWrathBytes~ today is a good day.


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