Pr!tty *Group Gifts*

Posted: August 5, 2014 in Group Gift, Womens Clothing
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Hey Ladies a friend of mine sent me the Landmark for this place and I just had to check it out. The outside of the shop is as beautiful as the inside of this quaint little place. Would be great for some photos 😀

These Groups Gifts are for…. HAIR!!! 😀 What girl can say she has enough hair? Not me! -heehee-

So to get to this place take your floating boat to the right —> Pr!tty MainStore In-World Landmark

To join the group it is FREE to do so ahead of time click the link here —> Pr!tty Group Joiner

I can honestly say I can not wait to rush home and try these hairs on, I will most certainly update this blog post with a photo or two of how they look! 😀

(see below: a photo of the Group Gifts, make sure you snag these while you can because when they are gone they will no longer be available.)

Pr!tty Group Gifts_001

Also give the owner’s Blog and Flickr a look, I did and I am now following both! Her blog is here —> Pr!tty Blog and to check out the owners Flickr you can click the link here —>Pr!tty Flickr

So Ladys come on down snag these beautiful Group Gifts and let me know what you think of them in the comments below! 😀

Till next time,



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