Abrasive Mainstore Lucky Chairs_001

[abrasive] Main Store has an Alternative and Edgy Fashion Style or as they say there clothing can bring out your [abrasive] side.

Here is the link to there In-World Store —> [abrasive] In-World Store Landmark


Abrasive Mainstore Group Gifts Wall_001


😀 They have it all from Lucky Chairs (as shown above), Gacha’s, Midnight Mania, and Group Gifts. To join the [abrasive] group it is free and the link for that is right here —> [abrasive] In-World Group Joiner .

If you love to post and like photos on Flickr like I do, check out the shops Flickr page here –>[abrasive] Flickr Page

Maybe you just can’t find what you are looking for in the store, or you want to see what they have now but you are tied up with other things and can’t quite log into SL at the moment; you can always check out the shop on Marketplace here —> [abrasive] Marketplace Link , or head on over to thee [abrasive] blog here —> [abrasive] Tumblr Link




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